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Divorce Mediation

Before turning to a divorce lawyer or divorce law firm when getting divorced, think about mediating the divorce first. Divorce through mediation is a much faster and more cost effective process and can be far less traumatic for all parties involved.

Child Maintenance & Family Mediation

Utilise a mediator to avoid going to court and incurring unnecessary legal expenses by scheduling family mediation sessions, where we can help you to find a fair and cost effective solution to your child maintenance dispute.

Care, Contact & Parenting Plans

Define all arrangements regarding your child through mediation and a legal parenting plan. Let us help you put together a parenting plan dealing with care, contact and maintenance, which is in your child’s best interests and which suits both parents.

Estate Planning & Antenuptial Contracts

Legally planning for your future, whether it be your marriage or your estate, is vitally important and can give you peace of mind. We can help you draw up an antenuptial contract, assist you in creating a will or setting up a trust.

Rudi Kruger Attorney & Mediator
Get to know Rudi Kruger

Attorney &

Rudi Kruger is an attorney, notary and SAAM accredited mediator based in Johannesburg, with almost a decade of experience in family and divorce litigation. She can help you achieve a cost-effective, win-win divorce for both parties. Often, it can take years to get divorced when caught up in litigation with expensive divorce lawyers and law firms, whereas legal divorce mediation can help resolve conflict quickly and effectively.


Rudi provides a confidential and neutral space for the issues in dispute to be discussed and
as a skilled mediator, works together with the parties to find mutually acceptable solutions.

What clients have to say
about Rudi Kruger Mediation

“I was fortunate to work with Rudi Kruger
as part of mediation for my divorce from
my husband. I found her to be knowledgeable
in the pitfalls of divorce and she advocated for
mediation strongly. She was gentle,
practical and quick between the mediation
sessions. The entire process went smoothly and
speedily. I highly recommend her as a mediator.”

Argentina Smuts


“It’s great to see experienced attorneys
acknowledging the value of mediation
and using their skills to resolve disputes
between litigators or potential litigators.”

Advocate Patricia van der Nest


“Thank you for the professional way in which you attended to my request. I will definitely recommend you to any other person who needs mediation services or any other legal issue for that matter.”

Themba Nkontwana.