Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce Mediation

Before turning to a divorce lawyer or divorce law firm when getting divorced, think about mediating the
divorce first. Divorce through mediation is a much faster and more cost effective process and can be far less traumatic for all parties involved.

The litigation process can take years to finalise and can become very expensive. Legal fees are often
exorbitant and incurred even before reaching trial, where the decision is left to a judge who does not know your family or circumstances, and who may give an order that you are not happy with.

When you choose mediation services for your divorce, you will attend between four and six legal mediation sessions. As a highly experienced lawyer and mediator, Rudi Kruger will assist both parties in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement on the terms of the divorce, including arrangements regarding the children, assets and finances.

You remain in control of the outcome of your divorce and are more likely to reach an agreement that is workable and sustainable. Once agreement has been reached in mediation, we will assist you with the
necessary legal process in order to obtain a decree of divorce from the court on an unopposed/uncontested basis, and your divorce can be finalised within two to three months.



Cost effective and affordable

Your divorce can be finalised after only a few mediation sessions

Negotiation and problem-solving between parties is encouraged

Legal expertise provided to help parties make informed decisions

Non-adversarial and diplomatic environment

Ensures families and children are protected from the effects of divorce

Ability to make rational decisions for yourself and your family

Mediation is encouraged by the courts in family matters

Confidential and private


Exorbitant legal fees incurred, which could rather be used for providing for yourself and your family

The court process can take months or years to finalise

Negotiations are not often encouraged, or they are hostile

Legal advice given in a manner that does not encourage parties to consolidate their views

Adversarial and threatening environment

Families and children are negatively affected by the litigation process

Decision is left to a Judge who does not know your individual circumstances

A negative inference may be drawn by the court if the parties have not attempted mediation prior to litigating their divorce

The court and anyone else involved in the divorce proceedings are made privy to sensitive information about you and your family

Why You Should Consider Mediation

mediation vs litigation


“Divorce is never easy, it’s scary and emotional. Having to find a lawyer who understands, who is helpful and thorough as well as who helps you understand the whole legal process is hard. Then I found Rudi, and she made it all seem so quick and efficient as well as “easy”. I could talk to her and know that she had it all under control which put my nerves at ease. She is efficient and extremely hardworking, and I could trust her with the process, and within months my divorce was completed. Thank you for your gentle nature and efficiency. I would recommend Rudi to anyone.” – Jess

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