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Divorce Mediation

Before turning to a divorce lawyer or divorce law firm when getting divorced, think about mediating the
divorce first. Divorce through mediation is a much faster and more cost effective process and can be far less traumatic for all parties involved.

The litigation process can take years to finalise and can become very expensive. Legal fees are often
exorbitant and incurred even before reaching trial, where the decision is left to a judge who does not know your family or circumstances, and who may give an order that you are not happy with.

When you choose mediation services for your divorce, you will attend between four and six legal mediation sessions. As a highly experienced lawyer and mediator, Rudi Kruger will assist both parties in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement on the terms of the divorce, including arrangements regarding the children, assets and finances.

You remain in control of the outcome of your divorce and are more likely to reach an agreement that is workable and sustainable. Once agreement has been reached in mediation, we will assist you with the
necessary legal process in order to obtain a decree of divorce from the court on an unopposed/uncontested basis, and your divorce can be finalised within two to three months.

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